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About: Facebook Trainer - Fanpage Creator - Social Media Manager Social Media Consultant and Business Coach Contact me at ►►► ◄◄◄ Rachel Haviland, (otherwise known as The Social Network Marketer) is a Facebook Trainer and Social Media Manager in Tampa, FL. Rachel has been a Business Developer and Internet Entrepreneur working in Network Marketing and Social Media since 2007. Her specialty is simplifying Social Media for small businesses, as well as building and integrating Internet and Network Marketing (“Social Network Marketing”). Rachel has worked with individuals and businesses around the country. She has managed strategic social marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, consultants, franchises, bands, Chamber of Commerce, retail stores, non-profits and local businesses and practices. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and businesses get started marketing themselves online quickly and easily using social tools. A Social Media student herself, Rachel is fascinated with the technology that connects people of like minds and interests around the world and strives to keep abreast of current thought and trends. Her mission is to bridge the gap for those that are apprehensive or overwhelmed by all the “hype” to help them achieve their business goals. Her approach makes social marketing manageable, affordable and effective for her clients.




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